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2024 Rules Coming Soon


Medical insurance coverage has NOT been provided by NEATV MX SERIES or the track. We urge you not to compete in any of our competitions without adequate personal medical insurance coverage. 



You are voluntarily entering an NEATV MX SERIES event. An NEATV MX SERIES event is one that is listed in the official NEATV MX SERIES schedule.  It does not indicate that the course has been inspected or approved by NEATV MX SERIES nor does it indicate that the officials have been trained or accredited by NEATV MX SERIES nor does it indicate that your safety has been assured by any NEATV MX SERIES Official or any track.  Each participant in the competition must assume the risk of competition.


Riders must register for practice or the race before riding their machine anywhere on the facility grounds.

ATV Racing is inherently dangerous. You should take part in this event based on your own assessment of your abilities.  NEATV MX SERIES does not test the skill of individual participants, nor does NEATV MX SERIES judge rider competence or ability. Participants are solely responsible for their own safety as well as the quality and condition of their ATV and protective apparel.

All riders must participate in at least 50% of events to qualify for year-end championships and year-end payout money or prizes. 

Pro class must participate in 75% of races to qualify in the year-end payout money or year-end prizes. 


You should be aware that ATVs are not a toy and may be dangerous to operate. To avoid death or severe personal injury never drive an ATV or ATC without proper instruction.  Take a training course.  Beginner riders should receive training from a certified instructor.  Call the ATV Hotline at (800) 887-2887 to find out about training courses offered in your area.  Never allow a child less than 16 years of age to ride an ATV without adult supervision.  Children need to be observed carefully because not all children have the strength, size, skill or judgment needed to ride an ATV safely.  Always ride an ATV with the proper protective gear which includes a good helmet, goggles, boots, gloves, heavy trousers, long sleeve shirt, and a chest protector.  ATV mishaps, in competition or otherwise, can result in injury or death.

Memberships are non refundable

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